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Here are just a snippet of some of the things that we get asked.The main one being is it going to be messy?Its not like Mary Poppins and Bert the sweep,the most you should be left with is no more than a teaspoon of soot in your fireplace.

What area so you service?

We provide quality services in the following areas:Denia to Calpe and inland up to Alcalali.We have extended this up to Oliva once a month ,so ask about when we are visiting. We can go beyond this subject to a minimal our of area charge,this covers additional petrol and time taken to travel.

Do i pay more for an insert?

No,from this year we have brought in a standard cost that covers you no matter what your appliance.

How long and is it messy?

On Average,a chimney or wood stove takes about an hour,an insert can take up to two,inspection one hour or less.This does vary on condition of appliance ,amount and condition of soot/creosote,total height of chimney,height of chimney above roof line,ladder placement requirements for chimney top inspection,roofing material and configuration,how much you and your sweep are enjoying talking to each other and we do allow you 2 hours in the price.Should your appliance be extremely bad it could take longer but this is at a nominal extra charge and will be explained to you beforehand. There is minimal mess,we have tarps,vacuums and brushes to clean your chimney without making a mess in your home !

Do you have references?

We can give you the names of past customers,estate agents and property management companies we have performed services for in the past if you desire.Please call and let us know in advance.We would be happy to let you know all the nice things our customers are saying about us !

Keep the fire you want from starting one you don't !

Chimney fires DON'T have to happen! Here are some ways to avoid them:

Have your chimney inspected annually by a professional and cleaned when necessary.

Use seasoned wood only(dryness is more important than hard wood versus soft wood considerations)saying this though,that old pine tree that you have kept from when you cut it isnt going to save you money in the long term,neither are the pallets that your best friend tells you that its okay to burn!That is  one of the WORST woods you can burn!.

Build smaller,hotter fires that burn more completely and produce less smoke.

NEVER burn cardboard boxes,wrapping paper,rubbish,plastic bottles,papers,or Christmas trees:these can spark a chimney fire !

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