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Why Have It Cleaned Now?

Now that summer seems to be well and truly on its way out,you might be thinking about having your appliance cleaned early,or is it ?




Have you sat there and had a strong odour from your appliance when you have the window or door open?Sure fire reminder of that well needed clean that those lazy days by the pool stopped you from doing.




Soot and creosote might still be there from previous burns.Anything over 1/4 inch is potentially a fire and health hazard.



Let us also not forget those uninvited guests,the birds and other creatures,who have taken a very shaded likening to your chimney to shelter from the summer sun and started squatting there.



Over time some appliances do wear and as such aren't performing as they should.CO is a silent killer.

These are some of the plus points to arranging a clean right now.Its not dirty to have done so doesn't matter if you have got decorators in or some last minute family members staying with you.

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